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    What donating gets you!

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    What donating gets you! Empty What donating gets you!

    Post  Young_Capone on Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:04 am

    -Donating gives you access to private VIP areas that only VIP's can enter.
    -Also if you donate we will allow you to map your own personal house, and personal cars that only you can drive.
    -Also you will spawn with a mercenary type look with weapons on your back and you will spawn with more weapons of your choice and armor.
    -Also you will be able to buy from the VIP shop, which comes with powerful cars such as, Hunter, Hydra, and Rhino. And powerful weapons like RPG's.
    -You will also have a text above your character saying that you are a VIP member.
    -And many more in-game commands that only VIP's can use.

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